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Digant Patel has made a career out of successfully executing Agile change. He has assisted teams in concentrating on process automation and continuous improvement, which simplify operations and promote growth. Patel has successfully completed challenging projects on schedule. He also has extensive k...

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Digant R. Patel, who is well known for his energizing leadership and bilingual skills, has a talent for carrying out projects to meet important business and IT objectives. He develops his strategies to integrate complex systems for strong, high-quality programs that address issues and produce business results, while also coordinating efforts between business groups.

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When new methods and technologies become accessible, they have a dramatic impact on the financial sector. Two of them are artificial intelligence (AI) and automation , both of which will help businesses improve the customer experience even as they reduce expenses and increase output.

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What is the most recent financial technology? And How Can We Change? - Digant R. Patel

The finance business is inundated with technological advances, but which are the most significant? And what are the most effective strategies to adapt? Artificial intelligence is one of the most visible new financial technologies. By evaluating data more effectively than humans, AI assists enterprises in making better judgments.

The 5 Most Important Tech Trends in Financial Services in 2022

Several tech trends in the financial services industry are changing how banks and other financial service providers deliver their products....

Twenty-Two Key Technological Developments in the Financial Sector

Numerous technological developments are changing how financial institutions like banks and brokerages provide customer services. Businesses that are quick to implement these changes will position themselves well for the future and attract the next generation of consumers. Financial institutions may now utilize AI and ML to enhance risk management, client engagement, and product customization.


Published on : 02-03-2023 Many investors anticipate that the FinTech Companies funding environment will become more challenging as the year progresses. Nevertheless, some new businesses will be worthwhile to invest in. One of these trends that will be extremely popular in 2023 is embedded finance.

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What is the newest financial technology? How can we change? Published on : 02-03-2023

The 5 Biggest Tech Trends in Financial Services for 2022

Various technology innovations are transforming how banks and other financial service providers deliver their products in the financial services sector. The companies that adopt these trends the qu…

The Five Most Important Technological Developments in the Financial Services Industry in 2022

The financial services sector is currently experiencing some technological changes, which are transforming how banks and other providers of financial services deliver their products. This is a...

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Various technological changes are transforming how banks and other financial service providers deliver their products in the financial services business. This is a fantastic chance for enterprises to…